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Whether it’s buying a manufactured product or driving a car, our daily activities produce carbon emissions that put harmful carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into the environment. At Green Earth Offsets we have created the GreenEarthNet Plan which focuses on offsetting Internet use by creating and placing biochar as part of our forest restoration efforts.

GreenEarthNet Plan

By purchasing a GreenEarthNet your Internet carbon footprint is reduced through our emission reduction projects like soil restoration with biochar and the regeneration of wild areas which includes the planting and protection of trees and understory plants. Your carbon offset purchase will help make a positive impact on the environment.

GreenEarthNet is directly connected to offsets generated through the creation and placement of biochar. On average a Canadian produces 14.2 tonnes of C02 annually. Within that amount, Internet use creates 400 grams of CO2 per person annually.

For every 5000 people who are seeking to offset Internet use we offset 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually by producing and placing 2000kg of biochar into restoration projects.

It should be noted that as long as this biochar remains in the ground it is a carbon sink that is offering a return annually - forever. So the more biochar we can plant every year the better.

Select your GreenEarthNet Plan, make your purchase and we will send you an Offset Certificate. For annual offsets we will send you a GreenEarthNet for your storefront, home or website.

Choose the best Green Earth Offset Plan that works for you and we will send you your GreenEarthNet. When you purchase your offsets be sure to fill in all of the required fields so that we may send you your pass information. We offer a secure Paypal processing system whereby you can pay by credit or debit card. You can also purchase by e-transfer by emailing us at:
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Home Internet Offset 1 Month - $12
Home Internet Offset 6 months - $30
Home Internet Offset 12 Months - $50
Business Internet Offset 6 Months - $50
Business Internet Offset 12 Months - $90
Institutional Internet Offset 6 Months - $150
Institutional Internet Offset 12 Months - $290
Offset my Internet use this month: $12
Offset my Internet use for 6 months: $30
Offset my Internet use for a year: $50
Offset my Business Internet use for
6 months: $50
Offset my Business Internet use for a year: $90
Offset our Institutional Internet use for 6 months: $150
Offset our Institutional Internet
use for 12 months: $290
Green Earth Offsets are touted as a new tool for protecting our natural environment. They aim to balance biodiversity loss arising from habitat destruction at one location by enhancing and/or protecting similar but separate habitat at another location.

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