Green Earth Offsets are both conservation allowances and biodiversity offsets. People, corporations and governments purchase these offsets in order to provide physical compensation for significant adverse impacts of industrial development and activities.

How does Green Earth offsetting work? The conservation and biodiversity values gained at our various offset sites will compensate for biodiversity values lost to development at another location to achieve a standard of 'no net loss' of biodiversity and ideally a ‘net gain’.

Green Earth offers a Footprint Offset which helps individuals, companies, institutions and governments mitigate their development and industrial footprint. We rewild watersheds at their source.
Green Earth Offsets represents a conservation and carbon offsetting program presented by the Wildcraft Forest Foundation. The program supports watershed conservation and restoration programs in British Columbia as well as the foundation's Sanctuary Forest Network.

Ecological restoration and regeneration is the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed. Ecosystems are dynamic communities of plants, animals, and microorganisms interacting with their physical environment as a functional unit.

Green Earth Offsets targets CO2 emissions caused by Internet use. Through ecological restoration and soil and habitat regeneration, measurable CO2 mitigation outcomes are met.

We offer a selection of options whereby your Internet can be offset including options for homes, businesses and institutions.
Green Earth Offsets are touted as a new tool for protecting our natural environment. They aim to balance biodiversity loss arising from habitat destruction at one location by enhancing and/or protecting similar but separate habitat at another location.

Explore what we do by learning about our projects and how we measure outcomes, who we are and what we do. Contact us and let’s discuss partnership and project opportunities.

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Green Earth Offsets
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